Interoperability in Action #5 – Disability Registry

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Interoperability in Action, Workshop

About the Digital Convergence Initiative

The Digital Convergence Initiative (DCI) is a joint effort by USP2030 members, governments, development partners, civil society, and the private sector to support national social protection systems to advance meaningful data exchange via standards-based interoperability.

Interoperability in Action

Interoperability in Action is a DCI workshop series for the development and consensus building on standards for integrated social protection information systems. This series brings together social protection practitioners and information technology experts from government agencies, private sector, open-source software solution providers, and international organisations.

These workshops are a forum to exchange use cases, interfaces (API & data standards), and experiences regarding the interoperability of systems through the use case scenarios and technical demonstration in a controlled environment.

The workshops will be conducted virtually, with each session highlighting a specific system (e.g., ID, CRVS, Payment etc.) interoperability capability scenario with Social Protection beneficiary Management Information System (SP-MIS). Each session is designed to facilitate a deep dive into process, functional and technical aspects of interoperability between the systems.

Structure of the session

The Fifth workshop in the series, will discuss some use cases of interoperability between Disability Registry and SP-MIS systems, and demonstrate the Integration with SP-MIS. The demonstration will highlight the value of interoperability for delivering social protection programs.

The workshop will encourage open discussion and feedback on various aspects including use cases, data fields and technical interfaces (API). We also encourage inputs regarding availability of different vendors of open-source solutions, which can be used for interoperability of SP-MIS, Disability Registry, thus enabling consensus building on standards.


  • Verónica Achá-Alvarez, Head of Social Information Analysis Department, Ministry of Social Development and family, Chile
  • Felicien Rimenyande, Social Protection Advisor, GIZ Social Protection Project, Rwanda
  • Andrey Tretyak, Sr. Social Protection Specialist, World Bank Group
  • Alexandre Cote, Disability and social protection, Social Policy specialist, UNICEF

opening remarks:

  • André Picard​, Chief Technical Advisor and Head of Unit Social Protection Department / Actuarial Services Unit, ILO

closing remarks:

  • Nahla Zeitoun,  Senior Social Protection Specialist, World Bank, Egypt
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